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we apply proven techniques to make your business search engine’s favorite


How your website ranks on search engine predicts the growth of your business in many ways. This gets you maximum reach for website visitors and word of mouth customers. BitBytes helps you with finding the right keywords that people are searching on the web for similar products as yours and target them to improve your website ranking

Blog Writing is an amazing technique to create awareness among your audience. It helps businesses to turn visitors into potential clients. At BitBytes, We have writers from different niche. who possess strong analytical and research skills

4 million blog posts are published every day. These numbers are overwhelming for anyone. Content Optimization is the right strategy to become distinct from peers. BitBytes through its rigorous techniques ensure that your content fulfills its objectives.

Link building is an art to create an inbound link to your website. BitBytes, SEO Experts use your content to create high authoritative links. These links improve the authority and reach of your Website. We have proven experience in link building. We assure you guaranteed results.

Keyword research is absolutely the building block of SEO strategy. Selecting the right Keyword at the right time is essential for your success. BitBytes assist their clients to achieve desired outcomes for their business.

Internal Links are an integral part of SEO process. It helps search engine to crawl through your website. Audit and optimization of these links help your business to achieve its objectives. BitBytes is helping businesses to realize and take benefit of business opportunities.

Social Media Marketing

SMM is one of the fastest and easiest ways to target and reach out to potential customers. The majority of business owners cannot handle the work due to lack of time. This is where we come in, BitBytes creates engaging posts that can get your business maximum reach and shares, with a trigger to make the purchase.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a powerful way to target the right audience. There are millions of people using the internet all the time, and they are always searching for something based on keywords. Through SEM Campaigns, our team makes sure that your ads are seen by potential customers who search for relevant keywords.

Google Adwords

When your focus is to target a niche market, then you need to get the relevant traffic and not just any traffic from the web. Google PPC campaigns on search engines help target specific audiences within your defined areas with personalized ads. Our experts help you build the ROI your business deserves, and monitor the process for better use of keywords for targeting.


Our Pricing Models

Fixed Price

A fixed price agreement involves giving the required details of the project that includes everything from the software, design, and features of the project. All requirements are transparent to both client and team in order to avoid readily modifications.

Dedicated Resouce

Dedicated Resource enables customers to handle the project on their own, assigning tasks to the resource, and altering priorities. Billing is done on a monthly basis for each resource that is being used for the project.

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