Web Apps Development


Frontend Development

Front-end development is way more than writing a few lines of code. At BitBytes, our team of expert front-end developers provide a thorough and detailed approach for creating your customized cross-browser, web applications and mobile applications.

User Interface can make or break your client. At BitBytes, We have developed a large number of user-friendly Interfaces. We create attention-grabbing UI using rich JavaScript library.

Vue.JS is a progressive lightweight solution. It is considered a developer-friendly framework due to its flexibility. BitBytes experts can transform your complex interface into an easy and user-friendly client site.

HTLM5 ensures improved security and performance. HTLM5 gives developers and businesses the freedom to choose from a variety of design and presentation tools. A usable site is key for clients conversion. BitBytes through its experience of HTML 5 development makes compelling and UI friendly applications for your business.

CSS is the language which makes your Website presentable. It is also easier to maintain and update. Innovation and Creativity don’t solely make a website impressive. High responsive coding is necessary to compete in the digital world. BitBytes leave no stone unturned to lead your business towards success.

Bootstrap is toolkit for developing with HTML, CSS, and JS. Quickly prototype your ideas or build your entire app with our Sass variables, responsive grid system, prebuilt components, and plugins built with jQuery.

Backend Development

Backend development ensures that users experience the power of functionality that works seamlessly. With BitBytes, you can build anything from payment forms to email opt-ins and eye-catching visual elements mapped out by our UX experts.
Our software development team is ready to create your next server-side app with Node.js platform. BitBytes has deep knowledge in user-driven and Node.js development concepts, and are capable of producing innovative work before deadlines.
Our experts have years of experience with various frameworks such as Codelgniter, CakePHP, and Symfony. We have skilled in-house experts that are ready to make use of libraries offered by PHP to deliver ultimate solutions for you.
CodeIgniter is an elegant PHP framework that ensures a rapid solution for complex problems. It’s a light framework with small libraries in the core system, and allows creativity to the highest level while keeping a minimal amount of code.
Python/django has now become a popular programming language due to its ease of development in web applications. Our programmers love the language, which is why BitBytes is your best choice when it comes to using Python to program IoT applications.
Ruby programming language experts at BitBytes are fully skilled with Ruby versions including 2.4, 2.5, and 2.6+, and JavaScript, as it speeds mobile apps. Solutions are deployed through MVC framework so that apps can run any platform including mobile, and web.


Our Pricing Models

Fixed Price

A fixed price agreement involves giving the required details of the project that includes everything from the software, design, and features of the project. All requirements are transparent to both client and team in order to avoid readily modifications.

Dedicated Resource

Dedicated Resource enables customers to handle the project on their own, assigning tasks to the resource, and altering priorities. Billing is done on a monthly basis for each resource that is being used for the project.

Hourly basis

This model is suitable for projects that require the availability of resources on any stage of the development process. Clients only pay for the work that is required and resources are available on an immediate basis.

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