What is IT Staff Augmentation? Expand Your Team Today

With the IT sector booming, the word “IT Staff Augmentation” is swiftly catching up and is taking over the IT job market by storm. The general way of explaining IT Staff Augmentation is hiring remote workers from the IT industry at a global level. More and more businesses are stepping into it universally.

We here at BitBytes have been providing businesses with the services of IT Staff Augmentation from every part of the world. As per our experience of handling and supplying these innovative services, we are going to educate you on this particular topic whether IT Staff Augmentation is worth it or not?

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

Simply, IT Staff Augmentation is an outsourcing strategy/plan that allows you to hire people globally for IT-related work, services, and management. Thus, expanding your business by having an augmented team that you can manage easily.

What is IT augmentation
What is IT augmentation?

Furthermore, businesses practicing staff augmentation choose their employees from a pool of tech savvy candidates at a global scale. IT Staff Augmentation exposes you to a skillful world full of IT professionals. Consequently, you can straightforwardly expand or even cut your augmented team as per your requirements.

Businesses like BitBytes, who are IT Staff Augmentation Suppliers, help you find the relevant technical resources for the addition in your in-house IT team for both short-term and long-term commitments. You can hunt for resources anywhere from Web-Development, E-commerce Development, Cloud Computing, Mobile App Development, or even Digital Marketing.

In addition to all of this, if a business goes for IT Staff Augmentation, then the supplier of that type of staff or resource is directly handled by the supplier of this service i.e. Administration of the remote hire, Salary, HR, and Client Management. The most significant and most prominent advantage of this hiring resource strategy is that it will help you cut down your costs and liability. How? Well, you wouldn’t have to waste time making brand new/fresh full-time hires.

One thing that must be kept in mind is if you opt for going to an IT Staff Augmentation company, you must know that the remote developers who are hired via the process of IT Staff Augmentation are primarily devoted to one project at a time.

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Is IT Staff Augmentation Right For Me or Not?

Is IT Staff Augmentation Right For Me or Not?
Is IT Staff Augmentation Right For Me or Not?

The concept of minimalism is getting a lot of attention these days. We all want to hire those kinds of employees or tech professionals who give us the All-In-One skillset Type of Vibes.

However, the biggest realization that hit businesses and entrepreneurs with time is the reality of human limits and time constraints. This was one of the significant reasons that IT Staff Augmentation was able to grab the attention of entrepreneurs worldwide.

So, the big question, is IT Staff Augmentation right for me or not? Let’s discuss:

  1. Do a bit of analysis regarding your business. You might be working on a project with the essential requirement of hitting the completion date over six months, and you want to boost it or narrow it down to 3 months. For instance, if you have three web developers, you would do an IT Staff Augmentation of 3 more web developers to get your projects completed quickly.
  2. You have a client, and that client requires from you some additional technical support, but you don’t have the resources to fulfill that particular client’s request. So, you go on to hire someone from the local market, but the tech talent around your area is not up to the mark. This is where the idea of IT Staff Augmentation gets born. Therefore you go on to hire some external remote tech source for your business.
  3. If your business revolves around tech products, you might be looking for fresh engineers to add to your team. So, IT Staff Augmentation is the gateway for you.
  4. You have hired an outsourcing company where you are dealing with the manager and not the talent itself. This gives you a blockage in direct communication with the developer himself/herself. Also, you cannot communicate daily as outsourcing does not work that way. It is as simple as ordering at a restaurant and getting your food. You don’t get to communicate with the chef directly, and the restaurant manager is the one you can talk to.

This raises the need for IT Staff Augmentation that will provide you with a wholly devoted developer who communicates with you directly daily. This makes that tech resource a part of your team rather than a simple order placement genre. All of this creates such an environment that the remote programmers feel like they are a part of an in-house team and are well-acquainted as remote hires.

The Working of IT Staff Augmentation

The Working of IT Staff Augmentation
The Working of IT Staff Augmentation

If you are a business or run a sole proprietorship and are looking to expand your business, you need to understand how the IT Staff Augmentation works? Here’s how to make it work:

  • Initially, you need to identify:
    • Skills required
    • Qualifications needed
    • Years of experience
    • Developers numbers required
    • Short-term or Long-term needs
    • Time constraints

You need to know what you are looking for and define the exact requirements of the candidates you are looking for.

  • The next step is the reviewing and selection of candidates. Devise tests, interviews, and analysis for reviewing and selecting nominees.
  • Afterward, you need to incorporate the selected or shortlisted members into your team and inform them about their duties.
  • The last step is to build a long-term relationship with your new hire to get comfortable and give positive feedback with the kind of results you are looking for.

IT Staff Augmentation Advantages & Disadvantages

On the condition of going down the road of hiring an IT Staff Augmentation Company for your resource requirements, you need first to get yourself familiarized with the advantages and disadvantages this innovative process proposes.

Please read them carefully and discuss them with your trustworthy people before making a decision.

Advantages Disadvantages
Expert specialists in-house Resource-centric
Employer burden get lightened Rely on resources internally
Less physical space required Management overhead rises
Control over the staff Training incentive
Increased resource pool Economical growth lessens
Leverage over the existing resources  
Flexibility in work processes  
Integration with internal processes  

–      Recruitment costs

–      Development costs

–      Operational costs

–      Legal issues

Increased output  

Some Vital Characteristics of IT Staff Augmentation

Some people term Staff Augmentation as “Cooperational Model” as well. So, knowing that, here are some of the vital aspects you need to know about this model:

  • The IT Staff Augmentation Service Provider will remain and maintain the employment of the remote tech resource dedicated towards you. Thus, do clarify with your supplier about the weight of the duties/responsibilities everyone involved has and the perks every party is allowed to have.
  • Monthly Fee/Hourly Rate. Most of the outsourcing companies providing the IT Staff Augmentation services charge a fixed amount fee every month instead of hourly rates. Although, some of the businesses prefer hourly rates as well based on their finance management models. So, the flexibility of choosing any one of these Fee Structures creates such an in-house environment that everyone involved feels comfortable. So, do talk about a fixed monthly fee or hourly rate model (whichever suits your palate) with your provider before signing any contract.
  • To ensure that all of your intellectual property will remain safe and secure, you must protect it via the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). Therefore, when you contract with the IT Staff Augmentation Company, you need to ask for an NDA. Why is that? Because of the reason that your remote tech resource will get access to your confidential and sensitive information, and you don’t want any exploitation of it.

How to Successfully Execute the IT Staff Augmentation Model

  1. 1. If you know what ‘team rooms’ are, you should ask your supplier for a team room. This will allow your remote tech resource to directly deal with the client’s company branding to assist the offshore team’s consolidation with the in-house developers.
  2. One of the chief principles that must be taken care of is making the remote tech hire feel comfortable. You can do this by asking your IT Staff Augmentation Service Provider to arrange Scrum Meetings on a daily basis or weekly basis, that’s up to you, so all the stakeholders can discuss their concerns. This will help them know about what is going on. In other words, make their experience comfortable by working with you as a full-time team member.
  3. The last thing you can do and practice is to ask your provider and supplier to handle all the conflicts, misunderstandings, and miscommunications between your resource and the client (i.e., you), more like the HR Client Management Services. By dealing with your remote hire in such a manner, you will have a very smooth and productive experience on your journey.

BitBytes IT Staff Augmentation Process

BitBytes IT Staff Augmentation Process
BitBytes IT Staff Augmentation Process

At BitBytes, our process of Staff Augmentation is pretty simple and straightforward.

1. Inform us About your Requirements

If you are looking for one resource or an entire team, you can contact us to let us know about your expectations, requirements, needs and identify what you are looking for?

2. Review > Interview > Hire

Moving forward with the requirements you’ll share with us, and we’ll find candidates whose portfolios would match your needs. We’ll conduct thorough interviews with those resources before we forward them to you for review.

During the reviewing process, you can interview those shortlisted IT resources as many times as you want before you can hire.

3. Start Your Work (Journey)

When you are hiring, you can start your work journey right away, and we’ll handle the rest. Our office is fully equipped with skillful employees who’ll handle all onboarding processes and administrative tasks.

4. OnGoing Support

Once you’ll have your augmented team ready and working, we’ll not just leave you. Besides, we’ll provide you with our ongoing support service. Here:

  • We’ll assign a well-polished HR Consultant or a Client Manager who will be working alongside your newly hired tech resource to resolve any problematic issues.
  • We’ll be making sure along the way that your data and employee’s private information remains secure.
  • We’ll provide a continuous stream of team-building activities to strengthen the relationship between you and your resource.

What will you get with IT Staff Augmentation Services?

Cost Cutting

All of the administrative, organizational, health/medical, and other types of physical hiring expenses will be thrown out of the window with your augmented resource. You won’t have to pay extra for a new desk, chair, a bigger office space, workstations, and various other facilities.

The hiring process is pretty painless and straightforward. You will pay the fee to your supplier, and the rest is taken care of. That is the reason why IT Staff Augmentation is such a frictionless process.

Your Productivity Level of Business will Enhance Effectively

You cannot drink and drive or even eat while going. All of us have to concentrate on the work at hand while we do our jobs or solve complex problems. With the IT Staff Augmentation services, you will get such an outsource dedicated to your project and business with their 100% attention and dedication.

This is far better than the Project Outsourcing Model, where a proper setup of resources (maybe a software house) will manage several of your projects simultaneously. Why is it better than Project Outsourcing?

In Project Outsourcing you hire an entire firm as a resource to execute your project from start to finish or a few specific tasks get outsourced to a team which is staffed and managed by that firm. In this model if you want to make a change or a revision which will contrast with the original requirements, then these changes or revisions will be considered as new requirements for a new price or quotation.

In contrast to this, having a Staff Augmented based resource will enable you to conquer your vision and turn it into reality as you would have access to an IT Professional as your own/personal dedicated resource whom you can utilize to make as much amount of changes or revisions you want.

Ease of Flexible Hiring

By going for this model, you’ll gain access to IT professionals from all over the world, ranging from front-end developers to UI/UX designers and engineers.

If somehow you cannot work with a particular remote tech hire, there is no need to stress about it. Just reach out to us, and we’ll replace your tech professional instantly. IT Staff Augmentation allows you to ease flexible hiring at any time without going through the conventional hassle of placing ads, shortlisting ten individuals out of 100, interviewing, contracting, and hiring procedures.

So, get into contact with BitBytes today and join the future of flexible Staff hiring.

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